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Speech or Skit Campaign Rules

Those who are trying for the Student Body President, Vice President, Treasurer, Historian, and Secretary must follow the following presentation and poster rules.


One banner per person will be displayed in the cafeteria. It may not be any larger than the 4ft x 4ft poster given out. Posters must have candidate’s name and position clearly displayed.

All posters have Ms. Fernandez signature on it where it may be seen.

Nothing else may be passed out. This will lead to the disqualification of the candidate. Posters will be displayed in the Cafeteria or around assign areas throughout school campus.

You must campaign in a positive, fair spirit. Negative campaigning is prohibited.


  1. Candidate’s presentation is to last no more than three minutes.
  2. Candidate’s presentation can not make campaign promises.
  3. Candidate’s presentation should pertain to one of the areas of Community of Caring, (respect, family, responsibility, trust, and caring,) and should be entertaining.
  4. Ballots will be counted by an election committee and student Council Advisor.
  5. Give it your all and good luck.
  6. Speeches will take place on Thursday October 9, 2014


Candidates MUST get their speeches approved by Ms. Fernandez.